Just Wright, cute romantic comedy

It’s always a treat when I’m able to watch a good romantic comedy. Romantic comedies are among my top favorite genres of movies. Some of my all-time favorite romantic comedies are The Proposal, How to lose a Guy in 10 days, Two Weeks Notice, 50 First Dates, Knocked Up, The 40-year-old Virgin, Crazy Stupid Love, Jerry McGuire, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Spread, What Happens in Vegas, and Friends With Benefits. Today I watched the movie Just Wright. Just Wright is a cute romantic comedy starring Queen Latifah and Common. Queen Latifah plays a women (Leslie Wright) who despite possessing the perfect personality, because of her full-figure, struggles to be viewed by the men she encounters as anything more than a potential “great friend”.  Common plays a hot-shot professional basketball player (Scott McKnight) who becomes the one man able to see past Leslie’s physical appearance and falls deeply in love with her. See the trailer

I love it when a love connection comes together, as a result of someone being able to cast their shallow nature aside. Often times, when searching for that perfect person, too much importance is placed on outer appearances. I’m guilty of this myself. Although I understand that the most valued qualities a person possesses are not physical, I’m still prone to losing interest based on  physical imperfections. Upon initially meeting someone i must approve of the exterior, before I can began to appreciate the interior. My perfect person probably has already passed me by because of my shallow mindset.

Just Wright
Cute Romantic Comedy