Imposters, possibly binge worthy

This past weekend I was able to catch up on the TV series Imposters. I’ve missed a few episodes, but judging from the two episodes I saw over the weekend, this series appears to be heating up. This series could potentially be binge worthy. Imposters is a crime/comedy series which conveys the story of a four-man con team and the unsuspecting targets that fall victim to their ruthless con game. Of the four-man con team, more attention is focused on Maddie. Maddie is a salacious grifter with a talent for capturing the hearts of both men and women. Her targets are helplessly swayed into marrying her prematurely. Shortly after the marriage she leaves them; heartbroken and depleted of all their assets. I don’t agree with Maddie’s actions, nor do I condone this type of conniving behavior, but I must admit, she’s kind of a genius. She transforms into different characters with personalities tailored to the appetites of her targets.

Three of her victims, Ezra, Richard and Jules, are determined to track Maddie down, demand answers, and demand that she return their fortunes. The awkward situation existing between Ezra, Richard, and Jules is hilarious, yet saddening. Despite the fact that Maddie left each of them heartbroken and broke, they all are very much still in love with her. Their determination to find Maddie was briefly dampened when they realized that neither of them possessed any factual information about Maddie that could lead them to her. Everything they knew about Maddie was fabricated. Then, miraculously, they each recalled a story she consistently told to each of them as well as a motto she frequently used. This tidbit of information allowed Ezra, Richard, and Jules to locate Maddie’s hometown, speak to her real parents, discover her real name, and gather information that could possible lead them to her current location. See the trailer

I can’t wait to watch the next episode. I wonder what will happen when they finally find Maddie. Given that Ezra, Richard, and Jules are all still in love with Maddie, what will happen when they finally come face to face with her? I’m actually seeing the possibility of an ugly brawl breaking out. I can also see the possibility of each of them secretly maintaining a romantic relationship with Maddie. Right now, I can’t imagine any harsh words being hurled at Maddie, nor can I see her facing any legal penalties for robbing them of their fortunes. I guess I’ll just have to keep watching and find out.

Maddie, professional grifter