My Sister’s Keeper, bona fide tearjerker

Yesterday I watched one of the most moving movies I’ve saw in a long time. The movie is called My Sister’s Keeper. My Sister’s Keeper is about an 11-year-old girl (Anna) who’s sole purpose for being brought into the world is to donate various body components to her older sister (Kate) who is dying of Leukemia.  Anna was genetically engineered, in vitro, to ensure she would be a compatible donor for Kate.  From the time Anna was born, she had surgery after surgery performed on her as a part of donating components such as organs, tissues, and blood to her sister Kate. Anna eventually fights in court to be medically emancipation from her parents to prevent from having to further endure this torture. View the trailer.

The movie is predominately narrated by Anna, but throughout the movie each member of the family gives an account of the situation from their perspective.  Anna’s circumstance is, by far, the most emotional aspect of this movie. However, other dynamics that are at play contribute to the heart-rendering nature of this movie. When viewing the situation from each character’s perspective it becomes apparent that each member of this family is suffering to some degree; a mother that’s desperately trying to keep her daughter a live, a father that bears the pain of watching his daughter suffer from illness and watching his wife be consumed by anguish, and a son who cares deeply for his family, but is constantly overlooked or ignored as a result of his family’s circumstances. I could not imagine walking in the shoes of any of these characters. This movie is, absolutely, heartbreaking on so many levels.

Bona fide tearjerker