Imposters, the heartless con

Over the weekend, I began watching a show called Imposters. This is a show overflowing with scandal and betrayal. The plot of this show rests in the schemes of a four-person con team devoted to exploiting vulnerable, unsuspecting men and women.  This con team consists of:  a mastermind that discovers the targets of exploitation and develops the cons, two accomplices playing indirect roles that help to guide the cons in the desired direction, and a roper who identifies the targets and skillfully crafts avenues for accessing and exploiting the targets. Imposters focuses on the role of the roper, a cunning, salacious female con artist named Maddie. Maddie is notorious for seducing targets, leading them to fall deeply in love with her, and unavoidably marrying her within a short span of time. The cons culminate with the targets being robbed of all their financial assets and their hearts. Trailer can be viewed at

I find this show wildly entertaining, but also find myself, at times, induced with intense feelings of sympathy, anger, and disgust. The heartbreak endured by the victims of these cons is truly saddening. They are truly entranced with love and loss for Maddie. Their feelings for Maddie cause them to grieve more for losing her, than for the fortunes that have been stolen from them. I find myself angered and disgusted by the fact that these targets are innocent victims. They are victimized because they long for love, happiness, peace, or other normal desires. It’s an ugly, yet abounding reality that anyone can become a victim of such a con. I wonder, what makes someone more or less susceptible to these types of misfortunes?


Why Are Good Movies Good

I watched the most peculiar string of movies today. These movies are a part of a four-movie series which includes “Flowers in the Attic”, “Petals on the Wind”, “If there be Thorns”, and “Seeds of Yesterday”. This series is jammed packed with all types of crazy, sick, and depraved drama. Everything from incest, child abuse and neglect, betrayal, murder, misogyny, damaging family secretes, to deep rooted psychological issues. At one point during this series the plot was so outrageous that I could not believe what I was seeing. As crazy, sick, and depraved as this series was, I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed it. Why though? I do not live my life like this and I do not condone many of the things that happened over the course of this series. Why did I enjoy this series so much?

The content of these movies was very dark and twisted in nature, but I could not stop watching. Has anyone ever had this experience? Knowing that what you are watching is the epitome of sickness and depravity, yet you crave for more of it. Does this content speak to a sick and depraved nature within us? Maybe it speaks to our curiosity or some other fundamental aspect of our nature. Undoubtedly, movies are a source of entertainment. However, what is it about the content of movies that captivates us and induces our arousal.

Movies and Shows

My word press topic is movies and shows. I chose this topic because with my academic obligations being as demanding as they are my life and leisure time has dwindle substantially. It seems like the only thing outside of school and studying that I have time to enjoy, from time to time, is Netflix and Hulu. I believe movies and shows could be an interesting topic to blog about. It’s a topic that most everyone can relate to on some level. For instance, we all have similar reason for watching movies and shows.  Also we all have experienced movies that we’ve considered to be the best ever as well as movies we’ve consider to be the worst of the worst. In my blog I will be speaking about some of my movie experiences; the good, the bad, and the ugly.