Perfect High, a sad reality

Yesterday I watched the movie Perfect High. Perfect High sheds light on the growing epidemic of opioid addiction. It provides insight into how recreational use of prescription opioids can quickly escalate into a disastrous opioid addiction.  Particularly, Perfect High focuses on the prevalence of opioid addiction among teenagers. The storyline of this movie centers around the plight of the main character Amanda. Amanda comes from a traditional family with two great parents, she is an exceptional high school student, and is a talented dancer and flourishing member of her school’s dance team. After suffering a knee injury, Amanda is prescribed Hydrocodone. Initially Amanda takes her medication as prescribed, but after befriending Riley she begins using her prescription medication recreationally. Riley attended the same high school as Amanda and was no stranger to abusing prescription medication. Riley convinced Amanda that abusing prescription medication was a great way to relax and have fun. Amanda began regularly abusing prescription opioids with Riley, Riley’s boyfriend Nate, and Riley’s brother Carson; all students at the same high school. Each were exceptional students with great families and bright futures ahead of them. Carson had recently been accepted to Florida State University.

The teenagers frequently used opioids at parties, at school, and at random times when they felt like relaxing and having fun. At this point, their opioid abuse was glamorized as cool and harmless fun. Evidence of addiction surfaced when the teenagers began having withdrawal symptoms when they were not actively taking opioids; nausea, vomiting, muscle cramping, agitation, etc. The teenager’s addiction triggered them to engage in different methods for consuming the drugs that were cheaper and yielded a quicker, longer high. They progressed from taking pills orally, to smoking the pills, to snorting the pills, to snorting heroin, to shooting up heroin. At this point, the teenagers were completely addicted to heroin. Amanda could no longer function well enough to dance and was stripped of her position on the school’s dance team. Carson was no longer thinking about attending Florida State University. Heroin had taking over their lives and they were completely consumed with finding their next high. Tragedy struck when Riley died from a Heroin overdose. Riley’s death propelled Amanda to confess her addiction to her parents. She attended rehab and began on a road to recovering from her addiction. See the trailer

The sad thing about this movie is that although it was not based on a true story, it was based on true events. This is the story of many people suffering from opioid addiction. Teenagers are many times uneducated about the devastating consequences of abusing prescription medications, which makes them frighteningly susceptible to the pitfalls of opioid addiction.

Perfect High


Horrible Bosses 2, too funny

Yesterday I saw the movie Horrible Bosses 2. I had no idea there was a second part to this movie. I loved Horrible Bosses 1 and was eagerly anticipating the sequel, but apparently missed its release. Nonetheless, the straitlaced, trouble bound trio is back. In Horrible Bosses 1 the trio, Nick, Dale, and Kurt, attempted to devise a scheme to murder their detestable bosses. This time around, the trio has decided to start their own business and be their own bosses. They came up with the perfect invention and had, what appeared to be, a liberal investor. Sadly, the trio’s dreams of owning their own business goes sour when the shady investor attempts to steal their business. For Nick, Dale, and Kurt, the only reasonable solution to their problem is kidnapping. Who do they turn to once again for advice? That’s right, “Motherlover Jones”. Too funny!

Horrible Bosses 2 was not as funny as part 1, but was still very funny. Of course, the movie was filled with tons of funny scenes, but the overall concept of this movie, by itself, is hilarious. Nick, Dale, and Kurt are as straitlaced, conventional, and proper as three people could ever be. The fact that they are so quick to resort to crime, which they are clueless and horrible at, to solve their problems is ridiculously hilarious. See the trailer


Too Funny!!!


Imposters, possibly binge worthy

This past weekend I was able to catch up on the TV series Imposters. I’ve missed a few episodes, but judging from the two episodes I saw over the weekend, this series appears to be heating up. This series could potentially be binge worthy. Imposters is a crime/comedy series which conveys the story of a four-man con team and the unsuspecting targets that fall victim to their ruthless con game. Of the four-man con team, more attention is focused on Maddie. Maddie is a salacious grifter with a talent for capturing the hearts of both men and women. Her targets are helplessly swayed into marrying her prematurely. Shortly after the marriage she leaves them; heartbroken and depleted of all their assets. I don’t agree with Maddie’s actions, nor do I condone this type of conniving behavior, but I must admit, she’s kind of a genius. She transforms into different characters with personalities tailored to the appetites of her targets.

Three of her victims, Ezra, Richard and Jules, are determined to track Maddie down, demand answers, and demand that she return their fortunes. The awkward situation existing between Ezra, Richard, and Jules is hilarious, yet saddening. Despite the fact that Maddie left each of them heartbroken and broke, they all are very much still in love with her. Their determination to find Maddie was briefly dampened when they realized that neither of them possessed any factual information about Maddie that could lead them to her. Everything they knew about Maddie was fabricated. Then, miraculously, they each recalled a story she consistently told to each of them as well as a motto she frequently used. This tidbit of information allowed Ezra, Richard, and Jules to locate Maddie’s hometown, speak to her real parents, discover her real name, and gather information that could possible lead them to her current location. See the trailer

I can’t wait to watch the next episode. I wonder what will happen when they finally find Maddie. Given that Ezra, Richard, and Jules are all still in love with Maddie, what will happen when they finally come face to face with her? I’m actually seeing the possibility of an ugly brawl breaking out. I can also see the possibility of each of them secretly maintaining a romantic relationship with Maddie. Right now, I can’t imagine any harsh words being hurled at Maddie, nor can I see her facing any legal penalties for robbing them of their fortunes. I guess I’ll just have to keep watching and find out.

Maddie, professional grifter








Just Wright, cute romantic comedy

It’s always a treat when I’m able to watch a good romantic comedy. Romantic comedies are among my top favorite genres of movies. Some of my all-time favorite romantic comedies are The Proposal, How to lose a Guy in 10 days, Two Weeks Notice, 50 First Dates, Knocked Up, The 40-year-old Virgin, Crazy Stupid Love, Jerry McGuire, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Spread, What Happens in Vegas, and Friends With Benefits. Today I watched the movie Just Wright. Just Wright is a cute romantic comedy starring Queen Latifah and Common. Queen Latifah plays a women (Leslie Wright) who despite possessing the perfect personality, because of her full-figure, struggles to be viewed by the men she encounters as anything more than a potential “great friend”.  Common plays a hot-shot professional basketball player (Scott McKnight) who becomes the one man able to see past Leslie’s physical appearance and falls deeply in love with her. See the trailer

I love it when a love connection comes together, as a result of someone being able to cast their shallow nature aside. Often times, when searching for that perfect person, too much importance is placed on outer appearances. I’m guilty of this myself. Although I understand that the most valued qualities a person possesses are not physical, I’m still prone to losing interest based on  physical imperfections. Upon initially meeting someone i must approve of the exterior, before I can began to appreciate the interior. My perfect person probably has already passed me by because of my shallow mindset.

Just Wright
Cute Romantic Comedy

My Sister’s Keeper, bona fide tearjerker

Yesterday I watched one of the most moving movies I’ve saw in a long time. The movie is called My Sister’s Keeper. My Sister’s Keeper is about an 11-year-old girl (Anna) who’s sole purpose for being brought into the world is to donate various body components to her older sister (Kate) who is dying of Leukemia.  Anna was genetically engineered, in vitro, to ensure she would be a compatible donor for Kate.  From the time Anna was born, she had surgery after surgery performed on her as a part of donating components such as organs, tissues, and blood to her sister Kate. Anna eventually fights in court to be medically emancipation from her parents to prevent from having to further endure this torture. View the trailer.

The movie is predominately narrated by Anna, but throughout the movie each member of the family gives an account of the situation from their perspective.  Anna’s circumstance is, by far, the most emotional aspect of this movie. However, other dynamics that are at play contribute to the heart-rendering nature of this movie. When viewing the situation from each character’s perspective it becomes apparent that each member of this family is suffering to some degree; a mother that’s desperately trying to keep her daughter a live, a father that bears the pain of watching his daughter suffer from illness and watching his wife be consumed by anguish, and a son who cares deeply for his family, but is constantly overlooked or ignored as a result of his family’s circumstances. I could not imagine walking in the shoes of any of these characters. This movie is, absolutely, heartbreaking on so many levels.

Bona fide tearjerker

Heat, classic and awesome movie


This weekend, I had an “old-school” moment. For me, “old-school” moments are times when I am in the mood to watch a really good contemporary movie, but after diligently rummaging through my options of current movies, fail to find one capable of satisfying my craving. This results in me watching a string of older movies to curb my craving. These are usually movies that I’ve watched several times before, but receive the same amount of enjoyment every time I watch them. I love watching these movies. They take me back to special times in my life or, they’re just, flat out, awesome movies.

I have an eclectic list of oldies, but goodies. Movies ranging from gangster movies like Scarface, to animations such as The Lion King. Among the movies I watched this weekend were,  Menace To Society, Clueless, Goodfellas, and Mean Girls.  However, the best movie I watched during my stroll down memory lane, was the movie Heat. Heat is ,hands down, the best movie based around bank robbery, ever made. This was Al Pacino, and Robert De niro at their finest. Who could deny that? Can anyone name another bank robbery movie better then Heat?


Best bank robbery movie yet

Britney Spears Movie, Travesty

Over the weekend, I was able to watch the movie Britney Ever After. Britney Ever After is a biopic of the life of Britney Spears. This movie attempted to depict the pop icon’s rise and fall from stardom.  The movie literally begins her story at the launch of her career; shortly after signing her record deal and releasing her first album. The movie ends at the point when Britney’s career began to unravel; during the time when she had several public, emotional breakdowns, battles with substance abuse, and numerous trips to rehab.

Honestly, I thought this movie was horrible on every level. There are so many negative things I could say about this movie, but I won’t. I’m not at all surprised though. It was a Lifetime movie special. Almost every biopic aired by Lifetime, that I’ve seen, has been a travesty. Lifetime has aired movies about the life stories of superstars such as Whitney Houston, TLC, Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, and Anna Nicole Smith. Each of these biopics were absolutely, horrible. This baffles me because Lifetime generally airs great movies. I frequently have moments when nothing can ease my soul better than a great Lifetime movie. Why can’t Lifetime produce a decent biopic?