Horrible Bosses 2, too funny

Yesterday I saw the movie Horrible Bosses 2. I had no idea there was a second part to this movie. I loved Horrible Bosses 1 and was eagerly anticipating the sequel, but apparently missed its release. Nonetheless, the straitlaced, trouble bound trio is back. In Horrible Bosses 1 the trio, Nick, Dale, and Kurt, attempted to devise a scheme to murder their detestable bosses. This time around, the trio has decided to start their own business and be their own bosses. They came up with the perfect invention and had, what appeared to be, a liberal investor. Sadly, the trio’s dreams of owning their own business goes sour when the shady investor attempts to steal their business. For Nick, Dale, and Kurt, the only reasonable solution to their problem is kidnapping. Who do they turn to once again for advice? That’s right, “Motherlover Jones”. Too funny!

Horrible Bosses 2 was not as funny as part 1, but was still very funny. Of course, the movie was filled with tons of funny scenes, but the overall concept of this movie, by itself, is hilarious. Nick, Dale, and Kurt are as straitlaced, conventional, and proper as three people could ever be. The fact that they are so quick to resort to crime, which they are clueless and horrible at, to solve their problems is ridiculously hilarious. See the trailer


Too Funny!!!



3 thoughts on “Horrible Bosses 2, too funny”

  1. Horrible Bosses 2 might be my favorite movie ever. I laughed the whole time. Kurt, Nick, and Dale act like kids and remind me of stuff my friends and I do. My favorite scene is when they were in the warehouse and one of them writes on white board with a sharpie instead of dry erase marker.


  2. I found Horrible Bosses hilarious and also did not know about the release of a sequel. It is hysterical how this trio take everything to the extreme. Their character roles as typical working class men also sets the stage for this comedy. I will have to watch this movie and possible the first to get back into the plot.


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