Heat, classic and awesome movie


This weekend, I had an “old-school” moment. For me, “old-school” moments are times when I am in the mood to watch a really good contemporary movie, but after diligently rummaging through my options of current movies, fail to find one capable of satisfying my craving. This results in me watching a string of older movies to curb my craving. These are usually movies that I’ve watched several times before, but receive the same amount of enjoyment every time I watch them. I love watching these movies. They take me back to special times in my life or, they’re just, flat out, awesome movies.

I have an eclectic list of oldies, but goodies. Movies ranging from gangster movies like Scarface, to animations such as The Lion King. Among the movies I watched this weekend were,  Menace To Society, Clueless, Goodfellas, and Mean Girls.  However, the best movie I watched during my stroll down memory lane, was the movie Heat. Heat is ,hands down, the best movie based around bank robbery, ever made. This was Al Pacino, and Robert De niro at their finest. Who could deny that? Can anyone name another bank robbery movie better then Heat?


Best bank robbery movie yet

One thought on “Heat, classic and awesome movie”

  1. This has to be one of my favorite crime/heist movies! I have to say that it is more to my liking than The Italian Job and, in my opinion, is more endearing than Scareface. I will definitely go back and watch this movie again this week. Such a good description of a classic; great blog post!


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